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Multi platform social media management - WEB, iOS, Android

Requirements: An Idea to build all platform social media feed management app. Mobile-first with same functions on both sides – Mobile-Web. First of all… clear, easy and simple user journey. Whether it’s a simple text post, image wit hashtags, or video – stay simple and intuitive to use. Otherwise, no one would bother. Colours, Typography, Icons – the keys to keeping user enjoying and to just have fun doing the thing they have to get done. As a Lead Product Designer, I had the opportunity to build it from scratch to final product.
Proposal: An app for mobile and tablet – first lo-fi wireframing and testing to keep user journey clean and simple. Because most API functionalities were limited I had to build them once again but in a much more interesting way. The goal was to convince the user to use the SQ app instead of posting on native apps one by one. It just had to be simple. Next… in-app subscription – what to give for free, and what to keep paid. Behind that marketing work – video ADS, Blog, and all Social Media on SQ channels.
Solution: Easy step-by-step post building system for all social media channels, same on Mobile and Web. Limited colours to keep it as an indication for particular app functions. One font family. No more than what the user has to see to make him comfy and done thing in seconds.


Post your feed anywhere, anytime, same time - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, WordPress, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

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December 2017 - Web, iOS