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Slide I have known Mr Mike Fox for over twenty years. We first met as part of the same high school peer group, in which Mike was known for his hard work and effort in his studies. After a long break, we began cooperation during the electoral campaign in the local elections of 2014. Mike Fox proved to be trustworthy, result-oriented and, as well as having a rich personality he can work in accordance with anyone, at the right time. Mr Fox was a key figure in the planning and implementation of election strategies based on ongoing events and had a strong commitment to social media. He showed a very wide range of skills - the ability to shoot or edit images and sound, perfect photographic workshop capabilities, the ability to create graphics, create websites, and help in the management of social media. He has a very good "eye" and a distinctive style. He has been a valuable advisor on public speaking and crowd behaviour as well as being talented in front of the camera. One example of his abilities was in the creation of a viral campaign which linked my name with a similarly-named object (butter), which resulted in becoming a hit in the national media. As a result of the campaign, which had only a 20.000 PLN budget, I went from a zero position to that of vice president in Rybnik, an achievement rarely paralleled in smaller cities in Poland. As a political scientist dealing with the local government, I can speak with some authority when I say this. Currently, Mr Fox is successfully cooperating with a local industrial Cultural Centre (promoting the Historic Mine IGNACY in Rybnik) and the Office of Culture, which is part of the Rybnik city council. Testimonials PIOTR MASŁOWSKI
Vice-President of the City of Rybnik/Poland
Slide The theatre in Rybnik has cooperated with Mr Mike Fox for over two years. During this time, he has become known as a creative and solid partner. He is the author and administrator of the Upper Silesian Literary Award web site, named Juliusz, as well as creating the visual setting of the ceremony honouring said award and making several films and visual productions. All of these productions are characterised by individualism, reliability and an artistic approach to the subject. I recommend Mike as a trustworthy partner with great creative potential. Testimonials MICHAŁ WOJACZEK
Director of the theater in Rybnik
Slide I can state that cooperation with Mike Fox can be achieved without reservations or hesitation. He has consistently shown a wide knowledge in the creation of original graphic design and multimedia, as well as technical development. He has immense communication skills, which have had a large influence on the time taken to implement projects. Mr Fox is also characterized by a high level of professionalism in preparing materials. I have greatly appreciated his reliability and punctuality, and he has both knowledge and experience that allow him to create interesting projects. Testimonials ELŻBIETA WOLNY-LUKS
Head of the Cultural Oce of the City of Rybnik
Slide Mr Mike Fox first collaborated with the museum in Rybnik in 2015. The museum was the main leader of activities related to the revitalization of a cultural complex at a historic mine known as 'Ignatius' in Rybnik-Niewiadom. As part of these activities, Mr Mike undertook the operation and execution of works related to a very different range of subjects, generally relating to the visual and promotion of a new tourist attraction in the city. He undertook actions from scratch, from organizing comprehensive network facilities, to the media presentation of the complex. Subsequently, he has engaged in further cooperation, in preparation for the creation of a new independent project related to Ignatius under the name of the Industrial Cultural Centre. During the period of cooperation, Mike established himself as an extremely creative and assertive individual. His dedication to this project related to the post-industrial, as regards promotion and setting, Given his past record, and the comprehensive preparation Mike is willing to undertake, makes him worthy of command to carry out such projects. Testimonials BOGDAN KLOCH
Director of the Museum in Rybnik
Slide I had the pleasure to work with Mr Mike Fox on the project I commissioned. It was about making a film - a reportage about an artistic project. Mr Fox showed great professionalism, creativity, and effectiveness. Currently, language barriers have no impact on life. The effect of this venture - Great! The talent, competence, and ingenuity of Mr Fox cause that everyone should cooperate with him with a clear conscience. Testimonials DR AGATA NOREK
President od "Shields Against Violence"
Slide An extremely professional and hard working UX designer with fast pace and a great eye for detail. A major asset to any business. Testimonials PAUL MIDDELHOVEN
National Account Manager at GRITIT
Slide A real pleasure to work with. He works hard, and knows what he's talking about. He is a great co-worker who will go the extra mile to help you. His designs are great and knows how to make a fantastic user experience. Testimonials MATTHEW BOLLMAN
QA Tester at Hutch Games
Slide MF had everyone talking in the office about his outstanding work. It seemed like he could do anything with his skinny laptop. Testimonials PAULA BACIU
Professional content writer
Slide Mike is a highly skilled designer that knows a lot about the development flow too. His as his own unique style that really make him and the projects he work on standa out. He is of great help and it is a pleasure to work with him. Testimonials GAËL SAUZET
Senior Software Developer
Slide Mike Fox was a breath of fresh air in our Product & Engineering team, bringing many new and innovative ideas. He worked closely with our engineers to ensure his designs were not only aesthetically and functional, but also practical in implementing and best utilising the frameworks and dependencies available. Mike is the swiss army knife of product designers, able in many niches ranging from basic UI/UX to beautiful video, animation, prototyping and more. Challenge him with a new area, and he will work even harder to master it in a short time. I wish that many more products may benefit from Mike's talent. Testimonials SUNE WESTPHALEN
Vice President Of Engineering - Velocity Black
Slide Mike is a very talented designer, hard-working, rich on ideas, and has an eye for modern UI/UX patterns. His experience and ability to work under tight deadlines in our rapidly evolving business proved to be great asset to the Company.
I recommend him without reservation.
Testimonials ZIA YUSUF
CEO and Co-founder Velocity Mobile Limited

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